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Story & Characters

Discovery of a new Goldilocks planet has led to the creation of a new type of army: One that is made of metal and steel. One that can’t feel pain or fear. One that is said to be our only hope against a possible alien invasion. Sadly, even with all the technological advancements available to future governments, they are not fully in control of the machines… The bot-mageddon is coming and it will be up to one our brightest scientists to help us against the inevitable.





Game Features


* 2 tory-focused campaigns that tell the tale of one robotic invasion as well as the strange interferences our hero and his mentor suffer from during their journey through fallen lands.

* Fluid action controls for battles as well as free character control for tight air jumps both of which are needed to overcome the various shooting, platforming and of course, puzzle solving challenges ahead.

* Uniquely designed enemies that force the player to rethink their strategies before each encounter. They can come from the sky, ground or even under ground. If you want to defeat them, you’ve got to choose your weapon wisely.

* More methodical players can use the free and non-sticky cover system by simply combining crouch and aim keys while the more action minded ones can go and run-n-gun their way through hostile territories.

* Various environments from outdoor valleys to underground military bases have come to life thanks to the power of UDK. The levers are fully optimized and hold many challenges and secrets.

* Full voice acting for all characters... excluding our main hero of course. Afterall, he is supposed to be a silent protagonist.





(AKA Iron Fellows!)

  H25:   Dr Cyrus:  

An intelligent combat robot created by the caring Dr. Cyrus. He is equipped with the most advanced anti-hacking measures along with various maneuverability tools. Right now, H25 is the only machine that is not controlled by the central core.


  This aging man has done extensive work on industrial robots over decades. Recently, he has reluctantly lent his skills and knowledge to the government. Now that the control center is lost, his own creations are coming back to hunt and haunt him.  
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